Production, production

Still making toys to stock the booth at the upcoming kinky flea being held on Dec. 11th in San Francisco. Carpet beaters, canes, loops all newly made. Thinking of making some at the booth too. I think it would be cool for people to see toys actually being made. Many know how they are made, but it is different actually seeing it.

I enjoy the flea. It is such a fun event. We have vended there only once before, and did a brisk trade at as not particularly busy event

While making these, I am reminded of why I started doing this.

I have a well stocked toy closet filled to the brim with all kinds of weapons. A few are budget items from IKEA, which despite the low prices, have proven to be long-lasting and lots of fun. Most of my toys were pricier acquisitions and I kept on buying them until I started to realize that as kink consumers we get screwed.

If you want to buy on a budget, it is almost impossible to find anything of quality. You mostly get cheap imports from Asia

If you want to buy something that is well made by a craftsman, not a factory, then the cost becomes prohibitive for most folks in the scene.

BC and I came to the same conclusion – There had to be a third way. Why was it so hard to find reasonably priced toys that were well made and looked fun – not tacky. Since no one else was doing it we decided we would make a line of toys for this price range. So far most toys have been unconventional, but that has not been a hindrance since today’s kink market is very diverse and largely unconventional as kinksters go.

Our toys are affordable -the highest priced toy we make sells at events for $35. With many vendors selling toys averaging $100 and more, kinksters can walk away from JnJToys with at least three times as many well made, hygienic, and most of all – fun toys.

JnJToys offers a complete replacement guarantee. If one of our toys breaks while being used in the manner intended, we will replace it.

Peace of mind and quality at budget prices. Whatever next?

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